New feature film and a follow-up to the award-winning V-Card.

​Sexuality is complex. Sexuality is diverse. Sexuality is More Than Monogamy, and I want nothing more to tell you why!
"The Lifestyle" is a massive umbrella term that encompasses swinging, polyamory, kink...and so much more; this documentary is all about highlighting and explaining why it might be perfect for your relationship and maybe why it won't. Designed to be both educational and entertaining, let's look at why there can be so much more to a relationship than monogamy. Scheduled for 2023 release


Winner "Best Documentary Feature" Cinekink 2018

Plot Outline:

Being a virgin today can be…hard and for one virgin it was a real problem. Dillon is 23 years old, and he has never had sex (not for lack of trying). As he sets out on an eye-opening journey to talk to sex therapists, porn stars, and everyday people about what they think virginity means in a modern time. Dillon wants to know why is sex so important, and how to finally make sense of why he has been so unlucky in love. Is there really only a first time for everything or is there more than one cherry to be popped? Dillon is more than willing to find out


What's better than take-out food, a good drink, and a fortune cookie that curses you for the rest of your days?
This short was made in tandem with All-The-Birds Productions and The Top That Film Collective. The whole point of the collective is to make short films with friends well learning more about writing, directing, and producing. We made this in 6 hours with a crew of 6...I wish I could say I edited it in 6 hours to get the whole "sign of the beast" trinity. I had an amazing time making this short with my friends and I hope you enjoy it!


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